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Best Hearing Aid Providers 2021

When choosing the most suitable hearing aids it can be a complex process with so many factors to take into consideration. Should you buy your hearing aids privately or go through the NHS service? How much should you be paying for them and what providers have the best service? What better way to find out than through the Which? report's 2021 statistics?

To obtain these results Which surveyed over 1,572 of their customers to give consumers a better idea of the best hearing aid providers out there. Digital hearing aid users were asked about their experiences with different retailers with questions about which outlets offer the best hearing tests, the greatest choice of product, and who offers the best value for money.

As with the last three Which Report publications before this one, local independent audiologists come top. The 2021 survey shows that independent retailers like us are rated the highest by hearing aid consumers - coming in at 86%.

It's crucial to choose a trusted retailer to ensure you increase your chances of getting the best hearing aid for you. The difference between a good and a bad hearing aid is not usually the aid itself, since most hearing aids are made by just a handful of manufacturers.

It's more the professional fit and service given by the provider that matter more. It can take time to fit and adjust a hearing aid correctly so that it's working to maximise your hearing. Without a careful and attentive fitting service, you could get frustrated and give up on your aid, consigning it to the back of a drawer forever. Most hearing-aid users wear an aid every day (78%), with another 11% wearing them two to five times a week. The hearing-aid retailers were rated quite differently on the aftercare offered. This is an often forgotten but vitally important part of the buying process.

Nearly one in five (16%) of private hearing aid customers felt under some pressure to buy from that retailer, and one in seven (13%) to select a more expensive option that was recommended, but this varied considerably between providers. For example, just under a third (29%) of one retailer's customers felt under some pressure to buy from that retailer, whereas a much lower one in 10 (11%) did from another. Although we have seen greater reports of pressure selling in some other markets such as stairlifts, it is important that customers don't feel under pressure and can make considered choices for such important products. Thats why we offer a FREE hearing testr and a FREE trial of the hearing aidsd before you purchase from us!

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