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Ear wax removal

Microsuction is a safe and effective method of removing wax and does not require weeks of softening with ear drops. Usually a couple of days using Earol (clinically treated olive oil) is all that is needed.

Microsuction is performed using a microscope and a low pressure medical suction unit.  No water is used other than to clear through the suction tube but none of this will enter the ear.  We are able to see into the ear canal at all times.  The other benefit of microsuction is that it is suitable for those who have perforated ear drums.

A thin probe is attached to the suction tube and you will experience a sound similar to air rushing around the ear canal.  Occasionally it can make a high pitched whistle if hairs or wax get sucked into the tube but this is completely normal.

We use video otoscopy to show you your ear canals before and after the treatment,so you can be sure the wax is completely removed!

We are also fully trained in ear irrigation.

Ear irrigation itself involves using a flow of low-pressure water via a specialised ear irrigator to harmlessly remove the earwax blockage. Quick and painless, ear syringing at Wigan Hearing promises to have none of the hassle of waiting while catering to an important part of ear care.

Microsuction and Irrigation

is only available outside of the hospital environment by trained ear care professionals.

One Ear £40 : Both Ears £60 : Consultation Fee £20 (If no wax present)

If you would like any further information, or to book and appointment, please call, e mail or book online!

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