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Effects of Hearing Loss

The effects of hearing loss are so much more than physical.

While hearing loss may initially seem insignificant — something dealt with by simply turning the TV louder or asking friends to repeat themselves — it can have surprising impacts, more than initially thought. Working lives, family lives, social lives and happiness can all be affected by hearing loss.

*Hearing loss can have a negative impact on the ability to learn, socialise and enjoy life.

*Untreated patients are more likely to miss important information in meetings and phone calls, and more likely to make mistakes at work.

*Hearing problems can lead to avoidance or withdrawal from social situations, social rejection and loneliness.

*Friends often avoid talking to people with hearing loss because of the difficulty communicating.

People with uncorrected hearing impairment earn less than people who hear well.

Studies have shown that the effects of hearing loss are cumulative. Just as muscles grow weak from lack of use, the brain loses its ability to process sounds and recognise speech without regular auditory stimulation. By the time hearing loss is finally acknowledged, hearing loss is real, and the impact already felt, such as the full appreciation of sounds and music once easily enjoyed.

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