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Experiencing problems? See below to learn how to fix common challenges.

Distorted sound

What could be the cause?

1. Dirty or corroded battery contacts

2. Dirty or corroded battery

3. Hearing aid is switched to telecoil

What’s the solution?

1. Open and close the battery compartment several times

2. Clean battery surfaces with a dry cloth or replace the battery

3. Switch to an acoustic listening program, e.g., Program 1.

No sound

What could be the cause?

1. Dead battery

2. Clogged sound outlet

3. Clogged microphone opening

Whats the solution?

1. Replace the battery

2. Clean the sound outlet or change the wax filter

3. Clean the microphone opening

Whistling or howling sound

What could be the cause?

1. Ear wax

2. The hearing aid is not inserted properly

Whats the solution?

1. Get your ear canal checked for excessive wax

2. Remove and insert your hearing aid again.

If none of these resolve the issue please contact us and will will be more than happy to help!

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