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Get the hearing loss facts.

The stats don't lie: you are not alone in your hearing loss!

  • An estimated 1.1 billion people around the world are affected by hearing loss – that's about 16% of the world’s population.

  • Approximately 1 in every 1000 infants have hearing loss.

  • Approximately 1 in 3 people over 60 have hearing loss.

  • According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), chronic ear infections are a leading cause of hearing loss.

  • Studies show that around 65% of people with hearing loss experience mild hearing loss, 30% moderate and 5% severe or profound hearing loss.

  • About 1/3 of all people with hearing loss are of retirement age.

  • The majority of people with hearing loss are of school-going or working age.

  • Studies show that only 1 in 5 people who would benefit from a hearing aid actually uses one.

  • On average, people with hearing loss wait almost 10 years before they do something about it.

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