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How to care for your hearing aids

Keep them clean

It's important to keep your hearing aids clean. You should wipe them regularly with a dry cloth or tissue. It is important to remove ear wax as this may cause temporary malfunction or in the worst case complete breakdown of your hearing aids.

Keep them dry

Don't get your hearing aids wet (e.g. wearing them in the shower, swimming or heavy rain). If your hearing aids are exposed to moisture or very humid conditions, remove the batteries and place the hearing aids in a dry storage kit. Never use a hair dryer or microwave oven to attempt to dry them.

Avoid all chemicals

Aftershave lotion, hairspray, oils and perfume all contain chemicals which can have detrimental effects on your hearing aids. Always remove your hearing aids before applying such products and allow time for the product to dry thoroughly before putting your hearing aids back on.

Avoid extreme temperatures!

Your hearing aids should never be exposed to extreme heat. Do not leave them in the glove compartment of your car for example


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