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Possible impacts of hearing loss:

*Decreased attention

*Diminished understanding of speech

*Trouble communicating with others

*Diminished memory

*Less willing to embrace the unknown

*Declining job performance

*Lack of acknowledgement by others

*Irritability, stress, depression

*Withdrawal from social life, isolation

Hearing impairments can occur in all parts of the ear; dysfunctions of the outer or middle ear can generally be treated with medication or surgery. However, a good 80 % of all hearing impairments are caused by dysfunctions of or damage to the inner ear. Today, modern hearing aids can compensate for most inner ear damage. However, no two cases of hearing loss are the same. Most often people with a hearing impairment are unable to distinguish soft tones and high-pitched sounds and have difficulties hearing sounds such as whispers, children’s voices or birdsong.

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