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Redefining what a hearing aid can do

Starkey have reinvented the hearing aid with Livio Edge AI, the world’s first Healthable hearing aid with artificial intelligence and embedded sensors. Livio Edge AI addresses the deep connection between hearing health and overall health, empowering you with life-changing features and sound quality that, until now, was never possible in a hearing aid. Award-winning technology Livio Edge AI is the next step in the continuous effort to give you the best hearing health solutions with the most advanced technologies.

The world’s first 2.4 GHz custom molded rechargeable hearing aids give you discreet, comfortable and convenient options. Here are some of te key features of the Hearing Aids.

Body Tracking

Staying active is key to staying healthy. Tracking steps and movement has been shown to inspire continuing or increasing activity.

Fall Detection and Alerts

Designed to help you stay independent, falls can be detected and alert messages sent to selected contacts.

Brain Tracking

Healthy social interactions can reduce stress and help prevent depression. Monitoring hearing aid use and engagement can support better brain health.

Mask Mode

This custom memory boosts certain frequencies to help you better hear people who are wearing face masks

Thrive Assistant

Use voice commands to get quick answers to questions, set reminders and control your hearing aids

Live Sessions

Get adjustments from your hearing professional wherever you are via video chat.

Find My Phone

Using Thrive Assistant and your hearing aids, you can locate a lost or misplaced phone by having it ring.

Auto On/Off

Livio Edge AI detects when you put your hearing aids in and take them out saving battery life.


Instantly hear speech translated into your language right in your hearing aids.

To Book A FREE Trial Call 01942 215391 Or Book Online.


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