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Tips for listening to music safely

Too much loud music can cause permanent hearing loss and tinnitus. Follow these simple tips to protect your ears, so you can continue to love music for years to come.

Your risk of hearing damage from loud music depends on how loud it is and how long you’re exposed to it for. Simply put, the louder the music, the shorter the time you should listen to it. If the music feels uncomfortable, it’s definitely too loud!

Some people are more susceptible to noise-induced hearing damage than others. But it’s only possible to know your susceptibility once the damage is done.

When listening through headphones

Take regular breaks of at least five minutes every hour to give your ears a rest.

Use a volume limiter on your device (if there is one) – this means you won’t be able to turn the music up without realising it.

Don’t go over the ‘safe’ volume level that appears on your phone’s screen when you change the volume.

Turn the volume down a notch – it’ll make a big difference to how long you can listen safely for.

Invest in some noise-cancelling headphones – not only will these block out the noise around you, they also mean you won’t have to turn up the volume to a dangerous level to hear your music properly over background noise.

When out at gigs, clubs and festivals

Carry earplugs with you – and use them – on a night out. The reusable kind designed for clubbers and musicians don’t muffle sound, just make it a bit quieter and a lot safer.

There are different types available, ranging from the inexpensive to the custom made.

In a music venue, stay away from the speakers – the closer you are, the greater the risk of hearing damage.

Take regular breaks from the loudest areas to give your ears a rest – chill-out zones in clubs are perfect for this.

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