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Try a Hearing Aid Risk-Free

Not all hearing aids function, feel or sound the same. Even if they are the same style that you’ve worn before, they can fit differently than you are accustomed to. If you’ve never worn hearing aids, the experience can take some getting used to. Wigan Hearing understands that it takes some time to evaluate and adjust to new hearing aids. Unfortunately, whether these are your first ones or replacements, not every device will work the same for you. That’s why we believe in a totally FREE hearing test and trial with us, we offer you a risk-free trial that allows you to try Wigan Hearing products before you commit to buying them.

With our free hearing aid trial, you have the opportunity to wear your new hearing aids where it matters the most: while you are performing your daily activities. During your hearing aid free trial, try them out in your own home, where you’re surrounded by the sounds of family, leisure activities, and entertainment devices.

Before making a commitment to keep your purchase, use your hearing aids’ free trial to get a feel for your new devices in your everyday life, including work, play, gatherings, and in the comfort of your home. Places that you frequent socially should also be visited on one or more occasions during your free trial. Hearing aids should be tried out at restaurants or other loud and busy locations, where it is often difficult to make out the sounds that you want to hear.

Make sure to use your hearing aid free trial to try them out anywhere you feel your hearing could use some more focusing, even outdoors at your favourite park, at the movie theatre, or any other places you enjoy.

You may be asking yourself why we offer our customers such an opportunity to try out their new hearing aids. Free trial runs allow our customers to make the best decision when it comes to their ability to hear clearly. At Wigan Hearing, we want you to also have the best experience possible with your new hearing aids. We’re confident you’ll discover an incredible hearing improvement during your free hearing aid trial.

We work with all the hearing aid manufacturers and aren't part owned by anyone as many High Street chains are, they also aren't able to provide the latest digital hearing aids and normally sell old technology at a low price. Our hearing aids range from AI that can text a loved one if you have a fall, translate 27 different languages and track fitness, all the way through to direct connectivity from a mobile phone for listening to music and adjusting the sound settings, not forgetting the Titanium (medical grade) hearing aids, there's not just one hearing aid that suits all!

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