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We Are In The Top 3 In Wigan!

We are pleased to announce we are in the top 3 rated audiologists in Wigan. As a family owned business we are dedicated to making sure you receive only the best care, from ear wax removal to hearing aid testing and fitting all the way through to continued after care. As an independent we are able to offer the most suited hearing aids rather than being part owned by a manufacturer and being limited to the product range. We also use the latest techniques for ear wax removal, from micro suction or irrigation to manual extraction we are able to use the most suited method rather than just being able to use one method! We also offer FREE hearing tests, FREE hearing aid trials as well as ear wax removal, noise protection, industrial testing and sell hearing aid batteries and accessories! So no matter what the problem is with your hearing we will be able to help you! We also use video otoscopy so you can see inside the ears before and after wax removal at no extra charge! So if you or someone you know is struggling with hearing, get in touch with Wigan's multi award winning audiologist.

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