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We are number 1!

We are proud to be voted the number 1 audiology clinic in Wigan. We were handpicked using a 50 point inspection including, reputation, history, complaints, ratings, trust, confidence, satisfaction and costs. We are proud to be selected as number 1! As a family owned business and local, we understand the importance of a personal experience, if it's wax removal, a repair, hearing test or noise protection, you will receive the best service and aftercare.

We have also won many other awards ranging from customer service to technical support and have the experience to make sure you get the best solution.

As an independent we are not linked or connected to a manufacturer like most high street chains, this means we can decide what is best and most suited for you rather than having to buy certain products.

We are also fully trained in micro suction and irrigation so there's more than one way we can remove the earwax for you!

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