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What is a Healthable hearing aid?

Starkeys Livio Edge AI uses a combination of AI and embedded sensors to not only produce superior sound quality, but also deliver exponential health benefits.

Healthable technology works on multiple levels: It tracks steps to keep patients active as they age.

Measures social engagement to reduce cognitive decline and the likelihood of dementia.

Detects falls to keep patients safe.

But there's plenty more that the custom made Starkey Livio Edge AI has to offer!

The hearing aid that launched a revolution is one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Best Inventions of 2019. Livio AI, the world’s first Healthable hearing aid with artificial intelligence and embedded sensors, addresses the deep connection between hearing health and overall health.

World's first and only

By delivering the world’s first and only rechargeable 2.4 GHz custom hearing aids, Starkey has expanded your options for fitting advanced in-ear technology.

Smart, convenient and rechargeable

The game-changing technology is available in more options than ever before, including custom rechargeable hearing aids.

Livio AI is not only our best sounding hearing aid ever, it’s the world’s fi rst hearing aid that monitors brain and body activity, and provides convenient features that can simplify your life. Built-in Artifi cial Intelligence Livio AI gives you life-changing features with powerful artifi cial intelligence in every device.

Personalised Power The world’s fi rst custom-molded rechargeable hearing aids giving you discreet, comfortable and convenient options.

Body Tracking

Staying active is key to staying healthy. Tracking steps and movement has been shown to inspire continuing or increasing activity.

Brain Tracking

A healthy social life can reduce stress and prevent depression, leading to better brain health. Monitoring hearing aid use and engagement can encourage more social interaction.

Hearing Care Anywhere

Request and receive adjustments from your hearing professional, anytime, anywhere.


Get on-screen notifications for tasks like taking medications.

Auto On/Off

Livio AI detects when you put your hearing aids in and take them out saving battery life.


Conversations are captured as text on your smartphone and can be saved or shared.

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