• Wigan Hearing

Why is hearing important?

At work:

•Participating in group meetings 

•Talking on the phone 

•Following conversation in a busy office

On social occasions:

•Chatting to friends

•Participating in dinner conversations at a restaurant

•Interacting with grandchildren

•Talking on the phone

•Watching TV together with others

For our own safety:

•When walking near busy roads

•To be able to hear sounds that alert to danger like sirens and other traffic signals

•So we can be alert to a cry for help

When we learn:

•Allowing us to concentrate with little effort

•So we are able to communicate with instructors

•So we register information correctly

And you probably wouldn’t miss out on music, the laughter of children, or the caring words whispered by a loved person either. Or what about nature’s comforting sounds: the evening song of a blackbird, the wind in the autumn leaves, the waves on the beach or the cracking sounds of a cosy bonfire.

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