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In wigan we deal with motorcycle and noise custom protection, includes wax removal if needed and comes in many colours. After motorcycling, do you have problems with ringing in your ears? This is due to the noise to which you are exposed. In particular, even at low speeds the rushing sound of the wind is already enough to cause hearing damage. In addition, the noise means you become tired more quickly. And if you are tired, you are able to concentrate less on the traffic. In short, it is important to protect your ears on the motorcycle properly. Whether you use your motorcycle to get to work every day, or just do an occasional tour. Hearing damage can occur in just one ride. And the damage is irreversible. The custom protection comes with a filter to elimenate the wind noise while letting speech sounds in to maintain communication when needed.

Motorcycle and noise custom protection | Wigan

Colour options
  • F10 FILTER (WHITE) Attenuates noise levels from pile driving, shooting, high pressure cleaners and is suitable for studying.

    F8 FILTER (RED) Attenuates noise levels from heavy industry, metal processing, snoring and is suitable for sleeping peacefully.

    F7 FILTER (GREEN) Attenuates noise levels from timber industry, construction work, DIY, motorcycling (wind noise).

    F6 FILTER (BLUE) Attenuates noise levels from light industry, transport industry, music (party/concerts) and lawn mowing.

    F4 FILTER (YELLOW) Attenuates noise levels from printing works

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